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Erica Howard & Justin So — Minted

Erica Howard


Justin So


Primary Guest

If you plan on using the online RSVP, know that the entire party is under the primary guest. The primary guest is the first name on the front of the invitation envelope.

The primary guest is highlighted in yellow below; Justin So.

RSVP Name Login

Please login to the RSVP page with the FIRST and LAST name of the primary guest. There are no titles to be added.

In the login page below, I have placed Justin So since that is the FIRST and LAST name of the primary guest.

RSVP Selections

After typing in the Primary Guest and clicking Find RSVP, you will be brought to the page below. Please input your selections and send your RSVP our way.

We are excited for you all to come to Columbus!

If you have any issues with the RSVP please feel free to contact me at: