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Erica Howard & Justin So — Minted

Erica Howard


Justin So

Event Information

Venue and Parking

The Franklin Park conservatory can be found on the corner of E Broad St. and S. Nelson Rd. The address is:

1777 E Broad St., Columbus OH, 43202.

Parking is free and can be found at the front of the Conservatory in the main parking area.

Please try to arrive around 4:45 PM to avoid any traffic that the venue's Aglow event will draw for the night. You may not be able to enter right away as the venue closes from 4 - 5 PM to get ready for Aglow.


Please check-in at the front lobby desk of the Conservatory after your arrival. As a wedding guest your entrance fee is already provided, and you will be free to explore the exhibits during our event!

There is a public coat check behind the reception desk. If you have any valuables that you would like to store, we have two wedding suites that are locked with a keycode and there will be no access to the public. Please let us know and we will help store your items.

Please call of text if you have any questions or concerns:

Justin: 716-450-1045

Erica: 614-493-9004